Over a Decade of Workflow Development

Circle was founded in 2002 by physicians Matthias Friedrich, Silke Friedrich, Phillip Barckow. All physicians still play a role in the development of Circle.

Vendor Partnerships

Circle has established relationships with scanner vendors to ensure the use of the software with the widest variety of scanners on the market. Ensuring future proofing of the software.

Clinical Credibility

Circle is used in institutions such as Oxford University, Barts, John’s Hopkins, UCLA, UPMC, Edwards and many more.

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One Customizable Application

We took a modular approach to cvi42. We know the pains of multiple applications, and we wanted to make things easy to manage. We created one customizable application to meet Cardiologists, Radiologists, Interventional Cardiologists, and Interventional Radiologists needs.

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Listening to our Customers

Circle is a very open company. We always want to hear from customers, and love to hear how we can help their workflows.

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Constant Innovation

We love new ideas and creating new technology, and techniques. Rumor has it there are “Circle Labs” around the world always pushing the boundary of innovation.

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