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Why Circle?

Our mission at Circle is to deliver the outstanding user experience to our customers by providing the best validated, automated, accurate and accessible solution to Clinical Professionals and their patients.

Accurate AI algorithms with expert level performance

Circle's AI algorithms are developed by a highly-qualified, devoted AI team and provide accurate and reliable results.

Algorithms trained on thousands of multi-vendor, multi-center datasets including cases from the UK Biobank and a wide range of pathological patterns allowing to get optimal AI outcomes without data leaving your site.

Validation testing performed for image classification and segmentation with comparable performance on all variability factors (scanner vendors, magnetic field strength, age group and gender).

Optimized workflows freeing time for patient care.

Easily integrate Circle’s solutions into Community Hospitals, or Enterprise sites with a deployment that works with your IT Infrastructure. We have various configuration options to suit your institution's existing and future needs.


If you are planning to change your MR or CT scanner soon, Circle’s solutions will continue to work with any provider.


Save time by getting faster, reliable and reproducible reading and reporting with our unique AI.

Partner integration

Have a look to the deployment options we have with our partners to integrate our solutions within your scanner vendor workstation.

Unmatched User Experience and Support You Can Count On

We endeavor to constantly innovate and improve our solutions and clearly understand the ever-changing needs and requirements of physicians worldwide.

We strive to serve them with clinical tools and user experience that provide for the best possible outcomes.

Our highly customizable user interface makes it easy to have everything exactly where you want it to increase efficiency for reading and reporting.

Our Community

A strong partnership with our distributors to suit your additional deployment needs

With 600+ OEM deployments worldwide, we have a longstanding relationship with our OEM distributors, allowing us to increase our deployment options.

Take a look to our integrated solutions with GE Healthcare

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Take a look to our integrated solutions with Siemens Healthineers

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Committed to helping expand the Clinical Community,129,1024,567&q=75&fit=clip&auto=format

Circle is committed to helping our end users grow, learn and expand the Clinical Community by providing courses, support and connection to other techniques.

In 2022, Circle supported a total of 96 events (conferences, workshops, webinars…). Amongst those, we are proud of our longstanding relationships with the biggest CMR and CCT societies such as the SCMR, SCCT or the ESC.

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