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Transforming Cardiovascular Imaging Technologies to Better Inform Clinical​ Decision Making

Customer centricity

Striving to put customers' needs first and working towards providing exceptional user experiences and support


Maintaining a strong ethical foundation, adhering to regulatory standards, and promoting transparency and honesty in all business practices


Emphasizing the development and advancement of cutting-edge technologies and solutions to improve cardiovascular imaging practices

Continuous learning

Encouraging a culture of ongoing education, professional development, and staying updated with the latest advancements in cardiovascular imaging


Striving for the highest standards of quality and performance in all aspects of our products and services


Promoting teamwork, cooperation, and partnerships with healthcare professionals, researchers, and institutions to enhance patient care and research outcomes.

Who we are

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging (Circle) is a Canadian-based company that was founded in 2007, established with the aim of developing innovative software solutions to enhance cardiovascular imaging analysis and improve patient care.

Since its inception, Circle has grown to become a globally recognized leader in the field.

At the heart of everything we do is our unrelenting drive to continually offer better solutions for healthcare providers that improve healthcare outcomes. This fuels our creativity, informs our decisions and it is the reason we are passionate about our work and most importantly why we are successful.

We are careful stewards of resources focused on optimizing both customer and investor value.

We strive to make Circle a place where employees are highly valued, engaged, and have opportunities for professional development.

Our roots are medical and digital, our passion is contagious, and our people are amongst the best.

Our Management Team

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