Increase scanning throughput for myocardial function with quick ejection fraction, stroke volume and mass calculations. Reduce manual workload with accurate and reproducible volumetric assessment for all cardiac chambers.


Produce flow information for the evaluation of systolic and diastolic function. Easily quantify shunts, valve regurgitation and compare multiple vessels.


Signal intensity and perfusion analysis involving images acquired with contrast agents are only available for non-clinical use in USA.

Effectively evaluate characteristics of myocardial tissue to inform diagnostic decision making for ischemic and non-ischemic diseases. Quantify enhancement, edema, perfusion defects and iron load from simple acquisition sequences.

cvi42 | Strain

Additional license required. Research use only in USA.

Quantify myocardial deformation without additional time in the scanner. Increase sensitivity for detection of mild functional abnormalities in contrast to EF alone​.

  • Quantify global and regional radial, circumferential and longitudinal strain in 2D and 3D
  • AI-based LV contour detection
  • Calculate strain rate, displacement, time to peak strain and displacement, velocity, torsion, and torsion rate

cvi42 | 4D Flow

Additional license required.

Visualizing and quantifying flow patterns anywhere in a 3D structure.

  • Preprocessing including offset correction and antialiasing
  • Centerline definition for multiple structures
  • Various flow visualizations
  • Flow assessment in multiple planes Qp:Qs comparison

cvi42 | Quantitative Perfusion

Additional license required. Research use only.

Intuitively visualize perfusion defects in patients with suspected Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). Quantify myocardial blood flow at rest and stress to reduce intra-reader variability.

  • Streamlined workflow for rest and stress perfusion quantification
  • Automated motion correction and contour detection
  • Color map display of myocardial blood flow (MBF) values
  • Color map display of myocardial perfusion reserve (MPR) values
  • Vendor neutral with multi-sequence support


cvi42 offers customizable structured reporting for cardiac MR and CT evaluation. Build the report you need for research and daily clinical practice.

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