cvi42 v6.1 released! Embark on this new journey!What's New?


Utilize AI to streamline clinical workflow.


Enhance clinical insights with accessible imaging


Enable network integration and automate information sharing.

Vendor-agnostic and easily integrates into existing radiological environments

Real-time notifications and advanced visualizations from routine CT/CTA allow front-line clinicians to quickly and effectively manage patients when CTP or MRI is unavailable or unnecessary.


Facilitate the review of time sensitive cases by flagging and prioritizing suspected Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO) that may require vascular treatment.


Research use only in USA.

Easily identify early ischemic changes with automatic ASPECTS scoring based on the Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score (ASPECTS) template, helping standardize assessment of ischemic tissue on noncontrast CT.

StrokeSENS mCTA Perfusion

Research use only.

Visualize and assess perfusion abnormalities on routine imaging with CBF maps produced from simple multi-phase CTA acquisition.

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