This version of cvi42 introduces new automation to improve workflow efficiency for Cardiac MR and Cardiac CT, thus enabling our customers to accelerate their reading and reporting whilst generating even more reproducible and quantifiable diagnostic data.

cvi42 | Cardiac MR

More streamlined Aortic and Pulmonary valve assessment with AI-enabled 2D Flow analysis including new auto-contouring and series auto-loading

Minimized user input through improved static tissue mask detection for both 2D and 4D Flow

Even faster T1 and T2 values with AI enabled contouring for scanner generated maps and series autoloading

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cvi42 | Quantitative Perfusion*

More consistent results through improved auto-contouring and improved image artifact correction

Increased robustness through higher input tolerance and stability

Support of all commercially available perfusion sequences**

* QP is intended for research use only.
** Reach out to your rep for more details on the scan protocol

cvi42 | CORE CT

cvi42's updated cardiac CT offering includes two new AI-enabled modules with server-side processing to streamline your clinical workflow.

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cvi42 | CORE CT:
Coronary Arteries

Improve clinical workflow efficiency with zero-click coronary centerline segmentation powered by AI

2-click stenosis assessment with simple interface, quick editing and measurement tools

Automatic generation of the 3D view of the heart for qualitative assessment of the coronary artery

cvi42 | CORE CT:
Calcium Scoring

Define major coronary artery calcium with zero clicks

Improve clinical workflow efficiency by automatically generating the Agatston score to contribute to cardiac event risk stratification*

Automated quantification and categorization of calcified plaque in major coronary arteries in non-contrast enhanced CT images

* Risk stratification is for informational purposes only


More intuitive CMR and CCT reporting through new customizable templates, including automatically populated text, for streamlined clinical workflows

Easier integration of typical findings and summary statements from MS-Word or WordPad, including new formatting options

* Note: cvi42|report users should contact their account rep to understand migration of existing report templates prior to upgrading