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January 7, 2022

The diagnostic investigations of cardiovascular diseases have been given an entirely new scope by advances in imaging modalities. Several of the developments in recent years – from multidetector cardiac CT to cardiac MRI and hybrid modalities – have opened the door to an extended range of image-based diagnostic methods in cardiology. These imaging techniques support cardiologists in their decisions, and their management of patients. Numerical image reconstruction and image analysis are now imperative to medical imaging research.

In no other discipline do image analysis techniques play such a key role in accurate evaluation. Thanks to these imaging modalities, quantitative data can be extracted to support cardiovascular investigations. In this new era of accuracy, quantitative measurement tools go hand-in-hand with complex image analysis.

With a wide range of imaging modalities being used, the importance of having one imaging solution that spans across all these modalities has come to the fore. In this article, we will look at why many of today’s cardiologists prefer one cardiac imaging solution for multiple modalities.

What is one cardiac imaging solution for multiple modalities?

The most advanced software can now offer a single solution for multiple cardiac modalities. A range of modalities can be encompassed in a comprehensive reading and reporting solution that saves cardiology teams significant time and, purchased as a software subscription rather than a license-based product, can also offer advantages in terms of cost. Consequently, both cardiology and radiology departments can benefit from the operational efficiency and user-friendly convenience of a unified cardiac imaging solution for all imaging modalities.

The most prevalent example of a unified platform for multiple cardiac modalities is Circle CVI's cvi42 imaging software. cvi42 brings together a range of imaging tools that can be used by multiple users in a cardiology or radiology team. These tools are designed for modalities including:

What is the purpose of having one cardiac imaging software for multiple modalities?

Having a single software program that spans a range of cardiac modalities has proven especially useful to clinicians. It was introduced to negate the need for different types of imaging software for individual modalities.

The requirement of a different type of imaging software for each modality can have downsides in terms of cost, time, and convenience. Disadvantages such as the need to manage several licenses or subscriptions, users having to switch between several applications according to the various imaging modalities being used, and the time and cost commitment necessary to train staff in each program, are a reality when operating different imaging software for individual modalities. A primary purpose of having one cardiac imaging software for multiple modalities is to address these issues.

The advantages of having a cardiac imaging solution for multiple modalities

For diagnostic investigations of many diseases, including some cardiovascular diseases, a multimodality imaging approach has proven best. Let’s discuss the advantages of having a cardiac imaging solution for multiple modalities. We can identify the main benefits as follows:

  • Accessibility – with multi-modality cardiology such as Circle CVI’s cvi42, cardiology teams can refine the image management and reporting process. They have access to everything required for diagnostic investigations, from cardiac images in multiple modalities to exam review and analysis, with a range of tools available for quantification and reporting.
  • Centralized patient data – coordination across care delivery is enhanced by a unified cardiac imaging solution for multiple modalities. Patient data is centralized, offering cardiology teams access to patient studies and reports across all modalities on the same system.
  • Automation – being able to intuitively reduce manual tasks is one of the advantages of having a cardiac imaging solution for multiple modalities. Quicker analysis and automatic report generation significantly reduce processing time, and artificial intelligence (AI) allows actions such as corrections to be performed faster. This smart series functionality includes automatic image identification, auto-loading, auto-contouring, and auto ED/ES generation.
  • Seamless workflow – the latest unified software solutions for multiple cardiac modalities are characterized by features that contribute to a seamless workflow. These include automated phase synchronization, customizable options for reporting, and intuitive sorting of custom measurements.
  • Connectivity – versatile cardiac imaging solutions such as cvi42 from Circle CVI allow you to ‘plug in’ to other information systems in hospital or clinic settings. This enables the fast and secure transfer of patient information, improving care delivery across healthcare systems.

Why choose cvi42 for your cardiac imaging software?

With a monthly subscription for a seamless post-processing software solution, you can ensure that your practice isn’t tied to outdated medical imaging technology that leads to an inefficient workflow and spiraling costs.

cvi42 is the leading cardiac imaging solution, encompassing the following modalities:

  • Electrophysiology - cvi42 integrates the ADAS 3D solution, which enables pre-procedural planning for electrophysiologists via the incorporation of non-invasive MR/CT imaging.
  • Cardiac MRI – unequaled accuracy in quantifying and qualifying, providing easy detection of wall motion abnormality, as well as stroke volume and ejection fraction auto-display.
  • Quantitative perfusion – fully automated quantitative perfusion, incorporating absolute myocardial blood flow and multi-sequence, multi-vendor, Dual Bolus, and Dual Sequence support.
  • Interventional planning – enabling rapid and efficient structural heart intervention planning, and offering a comprehensive overview of structures during septal approach.

You can try cvi42 now for 42 days. See for yourself how a high level of diagnostic accuracy, fully automatic quantification, user independence, and the latest AI technology can enhance your workflow. Our monthly software subscription model offers predictability of costs, with optimum functionality and the ability to scale the cvi42 service to your needs. Contact the Circle CVI team for more information.