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March 20, 2024

MedAxiom, the cardiovascular community’s premier source for organizational performance solutions, is excited to announce an industry partnership with Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Inc. (Circle).

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging is known for its innovative AI-based solutions that streamline imaging and reporting workflows and enhance diagnostic accuracy across multiple imaging modalities, including cardiac MRI and CT. Their comprehensive suite of software tools are designed to optimize clinical workflows, improve operational efficiency, and facilitate seamless communication among healthcare providers.

We are excited to welcome Circle Cardiovascular Imaging’s market-leading solutions to the MedAxiom community,” said Joe Sasson, PhD, MedAxiom’s executive vice president of Ventures and chief commercial officer. “With Circle's robust MR and CT solution focused on accessibility, interoperability and efficiency, we aim to broaden our members’ access to meaningful and actionable insights in their assessment of heart disease.”

By bringing Circle’s advanced imaging technologies to MedAxiom’s community of leaders, the partnership aims to empower cardiovascular professionals with the tools and insights they need to deliver high-quality care while optimizing practice performance.

Circle’s cvi42 platform offers easy-to-use, clinically-validated tools that integrate seamlessly into existing clinical workflows. Featuring a multi-modal and equipment-agnostic system, cvi42 reclaims lost time and optimizes decision-making with quantification of cardiac function and flow, visualization of tissue abnormalities, and automatic characterization and quantification of plaque within the coronary arteries. Moreover, cvi42 facilitates effective structural heart interventions through specialized workflows and enables pre-procedural imaging in the EP lab with its ADAS 3D product.

“Annually, millions of cardiac exams in over 90 countries are interpreted using Circle imaging solutions, equipping physicians with the tools to accurately quantify and diagnose complex cardiovascular diseases while enhancing patient outcomes and optimizing healthcare resource utilization,” said Tim Albert, chief medical and product officer of Circle Cardiovascular Imaging. “As a company committed to delivering best-in-class cardiac imaging solutions, we are eager to partner with MedAxiom, to showcase the value of our technology to healthcare leaders, and to collaboratively address challenges in the rapidly changing realm of medical imaging. Together, we will leverage our respective strengths to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and ultimately improve patient outcomes in cardiovascular health.”

About MedAxiom

MedAxiom, an American College of Cardiology Company, is the cardiovascular community’s premier source for organizational performance solutions. MedAxiom is transforming cardiovascular care by combining the knowledge and power of hundreds of cardiovascular organization members, thousands of administrators, clinicians and revenue cycle experts, and dozens of industry partners. Through the delivery of proprietary tools, smart data and proven strategies, MedAxiom helps cardiovascular organizations achieve the Quadruple Aim of better outcomes, lower costs, improved patient experience and improved clinician experience.

About Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Inc.

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging (Circle) is a Canadian-based company that was founded in 2007, established with the aim of developing innovative software solutions to enhance cardiovascular imaging analysis and improve patient care. Circle CVI's imaging platform provides best-in-class cardiovascular image reading and reporting for cardiac MR, cardiac CT, cardiac interventional planning, and electrophysiology.

At the heart of everything we do is our unrelenting drive to continually offer better solutions for healthcare providers that improve healthcare outcomes. This fuels our creativity, informs our decisions and is the reason we are passionate about our work. Our roots are medical and digital, our passion is contagious, and our people are amongst the best.

Annually, millions of cardiac exams – in over 1700 hospitals and in more than 90 countries – are estimated to be interpreted using cvi42. For additional information, please visit or contact: