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May 18, 2021

Calgary, Alberta – Circle Neurovascular Imaging (Circle NVI), a majority owned subsidiary of Circle Cardiovascular Imaging (Circle CVI), in collaboration with members of the Calgary Stroke Program, is proud to announce obtainment of CE Mark for StrokeSENS™.

StrokeSENS™ is a standalone artificial intelligence powered medical imaging software and notification tool to be used by hospital networks and trained professionals, to augment acute stroke image analysis and support communication and collaboration across stroke network teams. StrokeSENS™ provides processing tools for predicting ASPECTS on NCCT, detecting large vessel occlusion on CTA, and visualization of perfusion deficits on multiphase CTA (mCTA).

StrokeSENS™ provides notification and communication capabilities, which identifies and automatically communicates images and information of patients suspected to have a large vessel occlusion, to designated members of the stroke team.

Stroke is the second leading cause of death globally, and the most important cause of acquired neurological disability1. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 15 million people suffer a stroke worldwide each year and from those 5 million will suffer permanent disability. A report from the Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE), shows that if countries continue to fail to invest in stroke prevention, treatments and rehabilitation, the cost of stroke care across Europe could increase to €86 billion by 20402.

Advances in stroke therapeutics can alleviate this burden3-5. Treatment works if provided quickly and efficiently to the right types of stroke patients. Fast treatment depends on fast and accurate diagnosis using simple imaging tools that are easily available. Due to the complexity of stroke and variability amongst providers and stroke systems, there is demand for scalable, simple, and pragmatic imaging constructs enabled by software solutions informed by the most advanced machine learning algorithms and image processing techniques.

Greg Ogrodnick, Circle CVI CEO, and Circle NVI board member stated, “Circle NVI was founded in September 2019, through a collaboration with members of the Calgary Stroke Program and leveraged the Circle CVI infrastructure to efficiently build StrokeSENS™ to expand Circle CVI’s offering and value to existing and new customers.”

“We are very excited to offer StrokeSENS™, a novel acute stroke software tool, which aligns with our mission to simplify stroke care by augmenting front-line physician decision making,” says Richard Clark, Circle NVI CEO and Co-Founder.

“We are hopeful StrokeSENS™ provides frontline physicians and radiologists the ability to use the scanners they have (old or new) and the modalities they commonly use i.e., the non-contrast CT and the CT Angiography to obtain the information they need to treat their acute stroke patients,” says Bijoy Menon, MD and Circle NVI CMO. “Our philosophy is that simple and pragmatic imaging leads to faster and better decision making.”

Circle CVI and Circle NVI product details can be found on Circle CVI’s website:

For further information, please contact your local Circle CVI representative:

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