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February 13, 2020

Orlando, FL – Today, at the 23rd SCMR Annual Scientific Sessions – Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Ltd. (“Circle”) and medneo GmbH (“medneo”) are excited to announce a new strategic global partnership offering a premiere “Magnetic Resonance (MR) as a service solution” dedicated for cardiovascular imaging. This cooperation will provide expanded patient access to state-of-the-art CMR whilst providing new opportunities for physicians, researchers, and hospitals globally.

This exciting collaboration of Circle and medneo was made out of a joint vision to advance the Cardiac MR field forwards through combining leadership and expertise in the operation of diagnostic imaging centers, image acquisition, and postprocessing to offer “CMR-as-a-service solution” from ease of acquisition to reporting.

Today, the need for Cardiac MR is growing with clinical evidence and guidance demonstrating the superiority of MR for cardiovascular assessment. Currently healthcare systems are facing significant challenges regarding Cardiac MR access as a result of lack of scanner availability, local expertise, trained staff, and patient volumes for some regional facilities. Furthermore, researchers are challenged when looking to expand the diagnostic capability of Cardiac MR; utilizing access to larger data pools will allow for advancements in the field.

Circle and medneo now offer access to Cardiac MR through a seamless solution for ease of acquisition, reading, and reporting at sites in Germany, the UK, and Switzerland as well as for the newly created medneo/Circle diagnostic platform globally. New diagnostic imaging centers and a fleet of mobile cardiac MR systems will offer communities in additional geographies greater access to MR through a short notice, flexible service, focused on patient experience and reporting quality.

Greg Ogrodnick CEO of Circle, and André Glardon Co-founder and Managing Director at medneo provided a joint statement; “Powered by our operational expertise, remote scanning capability, fast scan times of up to 10 min, simplified post processing and smart and easy reporting solutions we are providing economic viability and removing the challenges with CMR exams.”

The Circle/medneo joint solution provides: CMR image acquisition on demand – scheduling, (remote) scanning, patient management, referring physician support, training and education support, AI enabled post processing solutions, customized reporting, and reading services on request.

About Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Inc.

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Inc. develops world class, advanced reading and reporting solutions for cardiac imaging. Circle is a prominent company for the global cardiac imaging community bringing together an experienced and qualified team of over 150 people.

Circle’s imaging platform, cvi42, is the best-in-class cardiovascular imaging reading and reporting solution for cardiac MR, cardiac CT, cardiac Interventional Planning and Electrophysiology. Annually, millions of cardiac exams - in over 1,000 hospitals and in more than 40 countries - are interpreted using cvi42, giving physicians the tools to accurately quantify and diagnose complex cardiovascular diseases whilst improving patient outcomes and the effective utilization of healthcare resources. Currently at version 5.11, cvi42 fully embeds AI into one easy to use platform demonstrating capabilities within the same range as expert human readers. Learn more at

About medneo

medneo is a German-based innovative company in the diagnostic imaging market. It offers ‘’Radiology as a Service’’ that consists in delivering medical images to customers (e.g. clinicians and hospitals) instead of selling equipment. The added value of medneo is to offer an improved process, through higher rates of equipment utilization, better quality images, and quality service at reduced cost, providing patients better access to radiology services without the typical long waiting times. medneo offers its operational services in 25 diagnostic centers in 3 European countries – a revolutionary idea, which today has become the key to medneo’s success. Learn more at

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