ADAS 3D enables non-invasive
pre-procedural planning for electrophysiologists

cvi42 now integrates ADAS 3D – a solution that enables pre-procedural planning by incorporating non-invasive MR/CT imaging to quantify LV/LA fibrosis and LV wall thickness and display surrounding anatomical structures.


ADAS 3D LV helps visualize and quantify LV fibrosis (MR) and helps visualize surround anatomical structures (CT).


Visualize the fibrosis (LGE-MRI) in 3D colored images

Quantify Core scar and Border Zone (BZ) volumes

Navigate 9 layers from endo to epicardium

Visualize auto detected corridors of BZ tissue

Quantify LV wall thickness (CT)


ADAS 3D LA helps visualize and quantify LA fibrosis (MR) and helps visualize surrounding anatomical structures (CT).


Visualize the distribution and quantify the amount of enhanced fibrosis

Visualize and navigate around the LA in 3D

Display adjacent structures, including the esophagus

Visualize Fibrosis, Layers and 3D Corridors

ADAS 3D LV image synchronized with DICOM images

Colored lines in DICOM image represent the areas in the ADAS 3D image for that slice

3D volume of Core Scar (CS) is shown on all layers from 10% (endocardial) to 90% (epicardial)

CS is red, BZ is green-yellow, healthy tissue (HT) is blue

Corridors of BZ tissue in the 10, 20, 30, 40% layers

The centerline of the BZ is illustrated with the solid white line

White silhouette of epicardial surface

Right Ventricle shell illustrated in green