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cvi42 v5.17

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Circle CVI's updated Cardiac MR and Cardiac CT offering - lets you use the power of AI to fo more, faster.

This version of cvi42 introduces improvements in stability, performance and usability for 4D Flow, Coronaries, and Calcium modules, enabling our customers to simplify, standardize and accelerate their clinical workflows.


cvi42 | CORE CT

cvi42's cardiac CT offering includes two AI-enabled modules with server-side processing to streamline your clinical workflow. cvi42 v.5.17 introduces new functionalities for both Coronaries and Calcium modules.

cvi42 | CORE CT:
Coronary Arteries

Improve clinical workflow efficiency with zero-click coronary centerline segmentation powered by AI

2-click stenosis assessment with simple interface, quick editing and measurement tools

Automatic generation of the 3D view of the heart for qualitative assessment of the coronary artery

AI-Based segmentation and labeling of secondary coronary branches including diagonals, obtuse marginals, and posterior descending arteries 

Simplified viewing and editing for coronary vessel centerlines 

Additional image exporting and measurement tools

cvi42 | CORE CT:
Calcium Scoring

Define major coronary artery calcium with zero clicks

Improve clinical workflow efficiency by automatically generating the Agatston score to contribute to cardiac event risk stratification*

Automated quantification and categorization of calcified plaque in major coronary arteries in non-contrast enhanced CT images

Simplified calcium editing with contour propagation and threshold adjustment 

Streamline reporting with new image exports and text additions

* Risk stratification is for informational purposes only


Improved user experience with easier report configuration*

*Changes included in cvi42|report and in standard reporting 

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cvi42|4D Flow

Faster 4D Flow study loading* for preprocessing 

Up to 30% faster series loading* into the module

*Performance improvements dependent on vendor, study size and hardware

cvi42 | Platform

Notifications when new version updates are made available 

Faster and more streamlined updating process to reduce IT burden