cvi42 v6.1 released! Embark on this new journey!What's New?
What's new?

6.0 is cvi42 next generation. This era of cvi42 is centered around growing with the medical field with a focus on accessibility, interoperability and efficiency to fit your program at any stage.

All-new cvi42 Web Viewer

The days of being tied to a cvi42 workstation come to an end with the launch of the cvi42 Web Viewer. View study images and contours and edit patient reports all from any web browser. Access the information you need for an efficient cardiac imaging workflow that works for you. 

  • Smart CMR viewing with series classification and automated view settings to optimize cardiac imaging 
  • Apply study tags to organize your cases 
  • Edit and finalize reports

cvi42 | Cardiac MR

  • Server-side pre-processing of function and flow contours to save valuable time every time you open a study 
  • Automated detection of blood pool contours for T1 map analysis, saving time for ECV map generation* 
  • FDA-cleared 2D strain analysis of the left ventricle 

*Not all features/modules are available in every region. Contact your local Circle sales representative for more information.

cvi42 | CORE CT

  • Integrated AutoPlaque, a characterization tool with editing capabilities to quantify calcified, non-calcified, and low-density non-classified plaque in the coronaryarteries** 

** Not for clinical use

cvi42 | Aortic Valve

  • Automated Aortic annulus contour detection 
  • Smart contouring tool for ROI placement

cvi42 | Platform

  • Virtualized client support with a deployment in a Citrix vApp environment 
  • Automated, schedulable client updates to simply IT maintenance

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