Define vessel contours in all phases and apply background correction. Compare two flow series at once and automatically calculate Qp/Qs.



Feature Overview

  • Color coded flow velocities with adjustable color scale
  • Automatic border detection, forwarding and registration
  • Automatic synchronization of phase and magnitude images
  • Flow and velocity analysis of up to four regions of interest in one series
  • Flow analysis of two different series and calculation of flow difference, sum and ratio, etc. (to assess shunt volumina and more)
  • Display of flow velocity curves in an interactive diagram
  • Background and phantom correction options
  • Option of post–hoc flow direction inversion
  • Wide range of calculated values including regurgitant volume and fraction, cardiac output, min/max and mean pressure gradients, as well as net positive and net negative volumes
  • New Parameter: The scientific report provides the maximum mean velocity
  • In addition to existing output, cvi42® now calculates forward and backward flow using only positive or negative velocity values inside an ROI (net positive/negative volumes). Results are included in the scientific/clinical and XML report.


  • Color-coded visualization of flow directions and the fast assessment of flow values and curves is crucial for a broad clinical application
  • Option to compare two series further broadens the spectrum of indications (e.g the assessment of pulmonary and systemic flow or shunt volumes)