The Circle CVI LVivo Solution is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based cardiac ultrasound workflow solution that runs behind the scenes on every echo exam to automatically pre-select optimal views and measure clinical indications. Left Ventricle (LV) EF and Strain reports are quickly generated; Right Ventricle (RV) TAPSE, FAC and FWS measurements and reporting in 1-click. The user is in complete control of adjustments in this comprehensive solution.

LVivo Seamless™

The LVivo Seamless™ AI-based workflow automates the subjective, cumbersome and time-consuming process of finding the right views and provides an automatic report without any user interaction.

LVivo Strain™ and LVivo EF™

Runs automatically via Circle CVI LVivo Seamless™ Solution:

LV AI-based edge detection of the endocardial border in motion, divided into segments


Global Longitudinal Strain (GLS) for all 3 apical views

LVivo RV™

Performed on the LVivo Workstation:

RV AI-based edge detection of the endocardial border in motion FAC, EDA, ESA, FWS, TAPSE