A Letter to Our Customers

March 19, 2020

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging’s Response to Support our Customers, Caregivers and Community

Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation. The global Covid-19 pandemic is affecting all of our families, our businesses, our communities, and our way of life.

In these uncertain times, Circle understands that many of you will need to work remotely to help the people that matter most; your patients, families and colleagues in the hospital.

As such we are working diligently to find creative and seamless ways for our customers to access cvi42 modules and tools to make your jobs easier, without burdening your administration with any incremental costs.

Starting immediately, Circle will offer a suite of services as described below, as more emerge or make sense for us to offer to our partners we will augment this program in our pursuit of engagement and support:

  • To assist you working remotely, all physicians or technologists can get access to our full suite of modules at no expense for 2 months; simply contact our support@circlecvi.com group and they will get you started.
  • Keeping you connected and functioning with cvi42 is a primary objective; We are dedicating additional support staff to our Customer Service teams and ensuring our timely response. We have a diverse team of Account Executives, Clinical Application Specialists and Customer Success Team who are well trained to assist with you during this period. They are on the ready to assist in any manner as necessary, again at no cost to your department or institution.
  • In the light of the Covid-19 virus behavior, myocarditis diagnosis and management are a pressing concern, our cvi42 solution has been designed, as well our clinical application specialists are prepared to assist you in facilitating your myocarditis protocols; that may now include SARS-CoV-2-induced myocarditis. Additionally, we wish to inform you of a series of upcoming webinars that Circle is sponsoring with key opinion leaders to inform topics such as this, vis-à-vis best practices. You may also be interested reviewing ACC’s COVID-19 Hub or ESC’s COVID-19 and Cardiology for additional response planning and clinical guidance.
  • We take great pride in our almost 100% renewal rate for customers of their Technology Assurance Plan (TAP). These are calendarized in your facility and here with Finance at Circle, but we understand these are extraordinary times and payments may be delayed. Circle will ensure that our services will not be suspended or delayed for any customer or hospital experiencing delays managing financial matters related to TAP through May 31, 2020.

Our staff and customers are our top priorities, we are working to keep you safe and productive whilst being mindful of patients and the population at large.

Circle’s working group on Covid-19 is monitoring and following best practices as recommended by international health authorities. It is a cross-functional response team whose mandate is to continue to review, inform and update our policies and engage our employees and our customers in a humanitarian manner.

Thank you for being a valued Circle customer and member of the Circle Community.



Greg Ogrodnick
Chief Executive Officer
Circle Cardiovascular Imaging